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It's All About People

RadiusAI Can Assist You In Adding Value To Your Employees And The People They Serve.

At RadiusAI, our focus is to keep humans in the loop and help them, and the people they serve, have better experiences in every aspect of their interactions.

Whether we are helping our retail clients empower their employees to assist customers in getting through a queue faster and providing real-time alerts on possible delays or aiding our healthcare clients with improving patient care, our objective is to give people the actionable insights they need in order to provide incredible value to others.

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The RadiusAI product suite boosts employee productivity by letting staff know where they need to focus. The value to the employees is that they become more productive and the value to our clients is that profitability increases as their staff and customers optimize their spaces.

Here are some of the ways our clients are using our human-centric AI to boost their productivity:

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Integrating into existing workflow management systems to help improve staffing decisions.

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Identifying customer-caused delays & rewarding shift performance as gauged against throughput metrics.

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Optimizing store design using a data driven approach like existing customer heat maps and traffic flow.


Prioritizing patient care by taking the screening burden off of the front-line healthcare workers.

parking lot

Real-time surge prediction with parking-lot metrics.

security camera

Integrating with existing security systems to create real-time alerts.

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