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RadiusAI Retail

Imagine Knowing In Real-Time What Your Customers Are Doing, And Not Doing.

Where your missed opportunities are, where bottlenecks are reducing sales, or where your product placement is not catching the right customer's eyes.

With RadiusAI Retail, that is just the beginning.

Other solutions merely count people, review video footage after the fact, or look at POS data, which doesn't truly help you improve performance and profit.

At RadiusAI, we integrate into your existing security cameras to provide real-time, actionable insights into your:
  • Queue analytics including cause of delays
  • Customer (not just people) count and visitor-to-customer conversion
  • Store layout and product placement
  • Beverage bar and kitchen analytics
  • Lot occupancy and dwell time
  • Customer journey, focus and unique profile
  • Employee metrics

Radius AI provides a constantly evolving solution and adapts as you grow.


your data in real-time.


opportunities for increasing profitability.

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solutions to your existing bottlenecks.


with your existing vision capturing devices.

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More Sales.
Satisfied Customers.

We help you take advantage of the missed opportunities such as knowing if someone left the store without purchasing or if your product placement is ideal, in order to provide the insight to help you create more sales and satisfied customers.

Make Swift,
Data-Driven Decisions.

The focus of our human-centric AI is to nudge your staff in real-time so they can make improvements and our customizable management dashboard allows decision-makers to make swift, data-driven decisions which can ultimately reduce costs, improve revenue, and naturally lead to an increase in profit.

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Map Customer Journeys.

At RadiusAI Retail, we map tens of millions of customer journeys every single year. This allows our customers to be adept in shifting their focus if necessary and solidly plan for the future.

Insights And
Comparative Analysis

Team members appreciate our retail solution as it allows them to run a comparative analysis of shift performance with similar time periods (for example - the first Monday of the month to the first Monday of the month), and find valuable insights such as checkout time and queue wait time, that POS alone doesn’t cover.

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